Vinaceous Amazon Parrot Birds For Sale Online

Beautiful Vinaceous Amazon Parrot Bird available for sale online. Get a new adorable Vinaceous Amazon Parrot that is playful, loving, and hypoallergenic and hand-fed . 

 Vinaceous Amazon Parrot availble for sale

Buy Vinaceous Amazon Parrot Online

Diet & Nutrition: Parrot food
Age: 1 Years
Color: blue, yellow
Size: Big
Price:  $1,800  
Lifespan:  The average lifespan of this bird in captivity is 30-50 years. 
Sounds: Vocal communicator
Interaction: Highly social

Origin: The Vinaceous-Amazon is a protected species as it is threatened by habitat loss. This parrot has become very rare in its native northeast Argentina, southeastern Brazil and eastern Paraguay.
Vinaceous Amazon Parrot Birds For Sale Online

Sexing: Although this bird is not sexually dimorphic, the male is typically much larger than the female. For breeding purposes however a DNA test is the only true way to determine the sex of this bird.. 

Trainability:   The Vinaceous Amazon has medium talking ability. They are extremely playful and love to spend time playing in their cages with toys. They are very acrobatic and love to swing and hang upside down. As with all birds, it is important to provide this bird with plenty of toys to chew. The Vinaceous Amazon is a great companion bird that will entertain and love those who care for them. 

Loudness: Although this bird is quiet compared to some of the more boisterous amazons, it can have a somewhat high-pitched call. The Vinaceous can be very vocal during periods of excitement and play. (_)

Genus: Amazona

Species: Vinacea

World Population: 1000-2500

Range: SE Brazil from S Bahia and W Espirito Santo south to NE Argentina, in Misiones and possibly NE Corrientes, and SE Paraguay

Habitat: Found up to 1200m (3936 ft), locally 2000m (6560 ft) in tropical and subtropical mixed evergreen forest; in Brazil humid coastal forest, in E Paraguay Araucaria angustifolia stands and Euterpeedulis woodlands.

Wild Diet: Feeds on flowers, fruits, seeds; may take cultivated crops, but impact from that is thought to be low.

Threat Summary: Loss of habitat, selective logging, colonisation and agriculture threaten remaining forests. Also, a massive bird-smuggling operation was centred in Paraguay recently, and included Amazona vinacea.()

IUCN/CITES Rating: Endangered, Appendix I