Blue Throated Caninde Macaw Parrots Birds For Sale Online

Get a new Friendly Caninde Blue Throat Macaw Parrot Bird that is playful, loving, and hypoallergenic. Blue Throated Caninde Macaw Parrots Birds For Sale Online.

Blue Throated Caninde Macaw Parrot Birds For Sale

Blue Throated Macaw

Price: $4,000.00 ( Negotiable )

Diet & Nutrition: Parrot food

Age: 1 Years

Color: blue, yellow

Size: large

Lifespan: 40 - 60 years

Sounds: Vocal communicator

Interaction: Highly social

Availability:  4  

Origin: Central Bolivia, and some of Argentina

Blue Throated Macaws are frequently mistaken for Blue and Gold Macaws, and for good reason. At first glance, there is no obvious difference between the two. However, if you are lucky enough to see them side by side, the difference becomes obvious. Blue Throated Macaws maintain that same beautiful blue and yellow contrast as the Blue and Gold. Everything on the upper half of the bird – their heads, back, wings, and top of the tail – is blue. Everything on the under side – their chest and belly, under their wings, and under their tail – is yellow. However, there is a slightly different hue to the blue of a Blue Throated Macaw when compared to a Blue and Gold Macaw. Also, the Blue and Gold Macaw has a black throat, while the Blue Throated Macaw, obviously, has a blue throat. Blue Throated Macaws are also somewhat smaller than Blue and Gold Macaws.

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Quick Facts 

Caninde macaws are about 35 inches long and have a wing span of up to 45 inches 

The Caninde Macaw is prized for its beautiful plumage — in pre-Columbian society they made large tapestries of the blue and yellow feathers. .