Catalina Macaw Parrot Birds For Sale Online

Catalina Macaw Parrot Birds For Sale Online | Adorable, Playful and Lovely.

Catalina Macaw Parrot Birds For Sale

Catalina Macaw

Price:  $10,000 Negotiable

We accept deposits on our Catalina Macaws. These babies are being hand-fed. Catalina macaws are extremely jovial, charming and energetic and do bond with everyone in the family. They are ready for their forever home now. All our babies are very well socialized, tame and EXTREMELY sweet. 

Diet & Nutrition: Parrot food

Age: 1 Years

Color: blue, yellow

Size: large

Lifespan: 50 years

Sounds: Vocal communicator

Interaction: Highly social

Sex:  Male/Female

Catalina Macaw Parrot Birds for sale Online


Catalina Macaw Parrot Birds For Sale Online - Hybrid Macaws are only produced in captivity, by cross-breeding different species of macaw lineage. Today, offspring produced from hybrid parents are showing amazing coloration and temperament, making them amazing pets. There are a large variety of hybrid macaws on the market today. Example: a Blue and Gold Macaw crossed with a Greenling Macaw is known as a Harlequin Macaw, or a Scarlet Macaw crossed with a Blue and Gold Macaw produces a Catalina Macaw, or any combination of the the macaw varieties.


Hybrid Macaws are typically large birds, and they typically reach lengths of between 35 and 40 inches from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers. Of course size is ultimately determined by the size of the parents.

Average Lifespan:

50+ years.


People who own Hybrid Macaws claim to have the "best of both worlds", and the Harlequin Macaw may be a good example as to why they feel that way. Both parents required to produce a Harlequin -- a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Greenwing Macaw -- are known for having laid-back and affectionate personalities. While Harlequin Macaws will have moments of frustration like any parrot, they are a good choice for those who would like a large bird with an even temper and calm demeanor.


Hybrid Macaws can have a wide variation in their colors and patterns. Some breeders say that a Hybrid's coloring depends largely on the male parent, but that is debatable. Some Hybrids are occasionally deep orange on their chests and bellies, with striking tones of green and blue on their backs. Many of them have gold feathers on the underside of their tail feathers. Being that hybrids are bred primarily for color traits, a large range of colors and combinations are available.


Like any large parrot, a Hybrid Macaw should be fed a diet that includes a high quality seed/pellet mix, along with fresh bird-safe fruits and vegetables.


Hybrid Macaws need plenty of exercise in order to maintain top mental and physical condition. Those interested in owning a Hybrid Macaw should set aside a minimum of 2-4 hours per day for the bird to play outside of its cage. This is crucial to prevent boredom and allow the bird to properly stretch its wings and other muscles.

Hybrid Macaws as Pets:

Highly intelligent and strikingly beautiful, Hybrid Macaws have become popular pets in recent decades. Comical yet affectionate, these large parrots make wonderful companions for the right people.

Hybrid Macaws need plenty of human interaction and mental stimulation in order to remain healthy, happy, and well-adjusted pets. Those interested in adopting a Hybrid Macaw should be prepared to spend at least 2-3 hours a day directly socializing with their pet. Hybrid Macaws thrive on being part of a flock, so include your bird in as many family activities as possible.

While they have a reputation for being docile, friendly birds, a Hybrid Macaw may resort to biting and destructive behavior if it is not given enough attention. Keep your Hybrid Macaw occupied by handling it daily and providing it with plenty of toys to play with.

All parrots have a tendency to be loud, but Macaws are the poster-birds for ear shattering vocalizations. Simply put, if you don't want your parrot to awaken you early every morning by screaming at the top of its lungs, you should consider something other than a Macaw as a pet.

Before rushing out to buy a Hybrid Macaw, think seriously about the commitment involved in keeping such a bird. Not only can these birds live for 50 years or more, the costs of veterinary bills, high quality feed, toys, and cages add up quickly. If you feel that you wouldn't be able to provide a bird with the best of everything, consider holding off on adopting one until you can.

If you think a Hybrid Macaw might be the right bird for you, contact Daniel Walthers at Winding Woods Ranch to see if you can schedule a visit with him and his birds. Seeing how Hybrid Macaws behave in their home environment will help you decide whether or not this species is a good choice for your lifestyle.;,,