Congo Grey Parrot Birds For Sale Online

Get a new adorable Hand-fed Congo Grey Parrot that is playful, loving, and hypoallergenic for your family. Top Quality Congo Grey Parrots For sale Online

Hand-fed Congo Grey Parrot Birds For Sale Online

Hand-fed Congo African Grey Parrot  Birds

Color: gray

Size: medium

Lifespan: 30 + years

Sounds: Vocal communicator

Type:  Baby Congo Grey

Interaction: Highly social

Shipping :  Worldwide

Age:  4 months

Price: $4000  ( Negotiable )

Diet & Nutrition: Parrot Food


The Congo African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus erithacus), is the largest and more commonly known of the two types of the African Grey Parrot.

Congo African Grey Parrots are approximately 12 – 14 inches (32-26 cm) in length and usually weigh 16 ounces (450 g). They are gray in color and have a solid black beak with a bright red tail...

Congo-African-Grey's originate in Central Africa, from the southeast portion of the Ivory Coast extending to western Kenya and down to Tanzania and Angola.

The Congo African Grey Parrot from Congo can be somewhat larger and a lighter gray in color than one from Cameroon which would be medium-sized and a darker grey in color.

It has been determined that if you start in the country of Ghana or Togo and radiate outward in all directions there is a progressive change in shade and size of the Congo-African Grey Parrot.

The Congo African Grey that is indigenous to Ghana and Togo is nearer the size and about as dark as the Timneh African Grey. As you branch out in all directions, Congo-African Grey Parrots get larger in size. As you go eastward, the shade of grey lightens, and toward the South, the shade of grey remains the same.

Congo African Grey Parrots are talented talkers and begin talking between 12 and 18 months old. They love to mimic sounds and are quite adept at sounding exactly like their owner's voices. Congo African-Grey Parrots that are exposed to more human interaction will tend to speak more cognitively than those that aren't.

African-Grey-Parrots are flock birds and need interaction and stimulation to develop into their full potential. They are sensitive and very aware to what is going on around them. Time out of their cage and play time with their humans and toys are extremely important...


Training: Domestic hand-fed babies make excellent parrot. African grey parrot are playful, outgoing, affectionate birds. They are probably the best parrot for kids because they are relatively small, and love to rough-house. They enjoy being held upside down, gently swung around, and wrestled with. They are very smart birds, often getting into trouble because of it. They are easy to trick train, and can be taught to put rings on a peg, coins into a box, or other fun and entertaining tricks. They enjoy trick training because it seems like a game to them. In fact, everything is a game to them. They will play with just about anything, and are very easy to please. Just be sure to give them lots of toys and things to do because they can be high-energy birds when they are young....